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SaniCom System(Space sterlizing system)

サニコムシステムCSI-Ⅰ型 サニコムシステムCS-ⅢS型


Ultra Low Volume spray function creates ultrafine particles of 10μm
*Allows chemical to flow and spread around all corner of the space.
Timer function allows chemicals to spray automatically every day.
Combination of exclusive chemicals which is declared safe for human, and equipment that creates ultrafine particles will sterlize three-dimensionally and prevent infection.


Number of Ultrafine particles:approx 1billion/cc
Sterlizing space:100㎡/unit
Will use 10 Litre of chemicals, spraying 30minutes a day.
For sterlizing chemicals, Stabilized chlorine dioxide is used.
This has no harm for human body, foods and kitchen equipment.

BIOBOX Plus(Insulated transportation box)

BIOBOX Plus(Insulated transportation box) graph


Use superlative specifications of the highest performance vacuum insulation panel.
Achieve 100% coverage with the high performance vacuum insulation panel.
Enchance the thermal insulation performance and the durability with the original fabric.


Dimension:[External]512×388×454(mm), [Inside]418×294×364(mm)
Capacity : 44.7L
Lineup of specified temperature maintenance unit
*Thermo pack series, Aluminium inner box, Bioheater, regenerating agent etc

Thermal Regulator / Thermostas chamber

Desktop thermal regulator(PELNUS) Windless desktop thermostas chamber

Desktop thermal regulator(PELNUS)

Can be used on your desk.
Precise temperature control that can control
Temperature distribution until ±0.1℃
Create Thermal stage surface at -55℃-150℃
No need for Compressor and power source installation work
Realize 15℃/Min Temperature conversion on your desk.

Windless desktop thermostas chamber

Because of temperature control of Peltier element,
it allows temperature control by absorbing sample heat.
Stably realize Maximum temperature range from -55℃-175℃
Windless Thermostat chamber makes temperature on the ceiling, wall surface, and base the same with heat conduction.
This makes windless space.

3D Panel / 3D Soft

3D Panel(ExhiBits) 3D Soft(ExFactVR)

3D Panel(ExhiBits)

It enables to print the object inside by using CT scan data.
3D pictures can be used in variety of situation, such as Education,Exhibition, Presentation and Advertisement

3D Soft(ExFactVR)

Software which enables to visualize two-dimensional/ three-dimensional.
It works by creating three dimensional reconstruction, using continuous tomographic image from three-dimensional imaging devices such as X-ray and CT.
Without complicated and sophisticated software, Allows anyone to easily reproduce three-dimensional image.

Web conference system

Web conference system


Web conference system allows the following:
Sharing information and communicating globally is of utmost importance for companies heading towards globalization and multipolarization.
Provides a common platform for global parties to work in close collaboration.
To advance to the next level, one must keep abreast of the market by creating differential products.
Through global communication, it allows one to be aware of what products are commonly existing in the markets and create unique products.
Urgent issues could be resolved speedily in cases of emergencies through xSync Prime Collaboration.



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